Payment form

In order to simplify building payment form django-walletone has the WalletOnePaymentForm. It is necessary to simplify rendering information in the templates and signature field calculation.

For example:

from walletone.models import WalletOneSuccessPayment

def payment_form_example(request):
    form = WalletOnePaymentForm(initial={
        'WMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT': '99.00',
        'WMI_DESCRIPTION': 'Order fro what?',
        'WMI_PAYMENT_NO': '1',
        'EXTRA_FIELD': 'value',

    return render(
        {'form': form}


You can use here any form field from W1 docs and any extra field just typing it in form’s initial.


Notice that for now you can’t use multiple values for form field like WMI_PTENABLED and WMI_PTDISABLED.

You can set only one value for WMI_PTENABLED and only one value for WMI_PTDISABLED.

It’s alpha version. Sorry :)

The corresponding template payment_form.html:

<form action="{{ form.action_url }}" method="POST" accept-charset="UTF-8">
  <p>{{ form.as_p }}</p>
  <p><input type="submit" value="Buy"></p>


The form is rendered as a set of input hidden tags.

The form has a action_url attribute that contains the correct W1 processing URL.

Notice accept-charset="UTF-8". It is better to always set.

Note that {% csrf_token %} no needed here.

Getting paid results

From official docs:

Once the buyer completes the payment order, Wallet One Checkout performs POST-request to the “Data to send the results of transaction”, indicated the in the online store settings. This request contains parameters of the payment form, information about the result of payment and some additional parameters.

So if you set your urls like:

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^w1/', include('walletone.urls')),

you need to set “Data to send the results of transaction”:


After POST request from W1 app saves information about success payment into the database (see model WalletOneSuccessPayment) and generates signal (see below Signals).

What if I send to W1 some extra fields? For example “EXTRA_FIELD1” and “EXTRA_FIELD2”. How can I retrieve it from my database? Very simple. Each WalletOneSuccessPayment instance has the extra_attrs attibute. For instance to get above attr just access it like any other python attribute:



django-walletone sends payment_received singal after success confirmation from W1 and after saving information to a database. payment_received signal provides payment arg contains all information about payment.


from walletone.signals import payment_received
from walletone.models import WalletOneSuccessPayment

def receiver(**kwargs):
    payment = kwargs['payment']
    assert payment ==
        WalletOneSuccessPayment.objects \